You know what’s the best part about Basketball betting? That you can almost always find a game to bet on. Generally, the NBA season spins from October to June, and college basketball takes up most part of the remaining year. 

However, the availability of games isn’t the final thing for bettors. For a successful wager, you will have to have a sound knowledge of the types of online basketball bets, which is what we are going to elaborate here.

  1. Money Line Betting

If you don’t want to go for spread betting, then money line betting is your game. It is the simplest wager in sports. This bet is placed on which team would win. And for a successful wager, the basketball team you bet on will have to win outright. In money line bets, if you favor the popular team, you would get lesser cash. But if you are certain that an underdog would win, you must go for it as that fetches more money. 

  1. Over/Under Bets

If you are a beginner in basketball betting, this is a simpler bet that you can wager on. Here, the bookmaker 토토스포 decides a figure that will be the combined score of both the teams. You will have to place your bet basing on whether you think that the combined score will be over the decided total or under. 

For instance, the bookies say that the total score will be 200. If you think that the score would be 199 or less, then you will have to wager on ‘under’, and if you think that the combined score would be above 200, then you should place your money on ‘Over.’ 

Please note: overtime is taken into the equation. Wager after you keep this factor in mind. 

  1. Point Spreads 

The most common type of sports betting is money liners. However, with basketball, you get several variations of betting options, and one of the most interesting ones is Point spread. In Spread betting, the point handicap is first determined. 

A typical spread line would somehow be like Team Red -5.5 and Team Blue +5.5. If you select Team Red, then it will have to win by a margin of 6 points. In case you choose Team Blue, then it will have to win outright or lose by a margin of fewer than five points for your wager to be successful. 

  1. Parlays

Parley is a high-risk betting type. This basketball betting is only for experienced online bettors who know the game very well. In parley betting, a bettor places bets on multiple teams at a time. The more the teams he bets on, the more is the amount of his winning. But the catch here is, all the teams that a bettor selects has to win for a successful wager. 

  1. Propositions

This type of basketball betting is generally placed on smaller details and occurrences that happen throughout the game. The amount that is betted is generally lower. This is the type bet you place if you are a beginner or when you have a thin bankroll. 

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