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The UFC – An Overview of the Evolution of Mixed Martial Arts

The UFC – An Overview of the Evolution of Mixed Martial Arts

UFC is a mixed martial arts company owned by WME-IMM studios and Silver Lake, a direct marketing company. It was founded by a group of popular fighters who formed the UFC Fan Club. The company has been active since 1999 and was first known as UFC Fight Club. The company has made a name for itself as one of the most successful companies in the world for turning fight videos into big hits in the fight promotion business.

A. The Beginning UFC was a direct marketing product that was initially released as an internet video series. It was very successful in drawing attention to the brand and generating high viewership numbers. The initial fights showcased some of the biggest names in mixed martial arts at the time including heavyweight champion and former heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar, as well as light weight champion Rashad Evans. The UFC Fan Club was extremely large at the time and the company quickly began to expand into live events, coverage on several cable television stations and the UFC was introduced to the world.

B. Successfully Getting Off the Ground Though the initial release of UFC was met with massive critical acclaim, it did not receive any major pay-per-view numbers or receive a huge amount of exposure on television. This was because mixed martial arts, at that point, was not a mainstream sport and there were not a lot of networks or advertisers willing to take a chance on something that was seen only by hardcore martial artists and enthusiasts. For this reason, the UFC was unable to gain any major sponsors or endorsements to help promote the product.

C. UFC Has a Wide Range of Competitors Since its conception, UFC has introduced new fighters every few months and changed the faces of its fighters throughout the years. http://sureman.me has introduced several styles of fighting, expanded into different countries and even developed different ways for its athletes to train and to keep fit. With the success of UFC has come a huge following of fans and followers and millions of people watch the UFC matches on an average basis. Mixed martial arts aficionados are able to buy all the products the UFC offers as well as pay-per-view specials to watch their favorite fighters in action.

D. The Early Days of UFC are something that is still widely celebrated today. The first UFC event was” prelims” and was simply a showcase for the fighters in preparation for the main event” Fight Night”. The early days of UFC were nothing like what they have become today. Back then, the matches were very one-sided affairs where the fighters would engage in one-sided fights with little flashy showmanship. This lack of showmanship and skill made UFC seem boring to many viewers and not very appealing to the general MMA population.

F. The Evolution of Mixed Martial Arts Today, UFC is a truly competitive sport and showcases some of the finest fighters in the world of MMA. It also showcases the best of athleticism from around the globe. When it first began, there were no rules and the matches were even less exciting than the boxing matches. But, now, UFC features a match up between the greatest, mixed martial artists in the world, it boasts an amazing cast of fighters who are both educated and athletic, and it has exploded into a truly spectacular sport.g

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